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Behavioral Health Services Training Center

The Training Center assists the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) in planning, organizing and implementing conferences and train​ing acti​vities to support the continued growth and development of the public behavioral health system.

The Training Center (TC) re​presents a collaboration between BHA and the University’s Division of Services Research designed to serve the training and service development needs of Maryland’s behavioral health delivery system. Reflecting BHA’s commitment to education and training, the Training Center ensures that the University’s emphasis on research and implementing evidence-based treatment is closely interwoven with the needs and growth of the public behavioral health system.

Additionally, the TC monitors training funds that are awarded each year to consumer and family advocacy agencies for a variety of programs that promote awareness and understanding on a broad range of behavioral health issues. It also monitors the overall quality of all sponsored training activities.

Training Center
​Wendy Baysmore, MSHSA, ​Director​​​​​