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Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative

The Training Center is part of the Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative (BHSIC) and a joint venture between the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB).

The Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative (BHSIC) evolved from the longstanding training partnership between UMB and BHA, the Behavioral Health Systems Training Center (BHSTC). In response to the success of this activity in supporting the development of the Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS), leaders of the two organizations explored other possibilities for collaboration. The new Collaborative is the result of that mutual deliberation.

Two new Centers have been established; they are the Evidence-Based Practice Center and the Systems Evaluation Center. It is expected that the three Centers will work in partnership, in conjunction with BHA, to foster and support the continued development of the PBHS. This combination of Centers will provide an opportunity to initiate changes in system management, policy development, and service delivery through the Training Center and Evidence-Based Practice Center while assessing and analyzing system performance through the Systems Evaluation Center.

BHSIC faculty and staff believe that the involvement of representatives of the behavioral health community in the State will enhance the success of the Collaborative’s initiatives. Consumers and family members, providers, administrators, and other advocates will be asked to participate in work groups related to specific projects. The BHSIC welcomes comments and ideas from anyone who has an interest in our activities.

Howard Goldman, MD, PhD, Director
Behavioral Health Systems Improvement Collaborative
Division of Psychiatric Services Research

Our Three Integrated Centers

The Evidence-Based Practice Center
Amanda M. Jones, PhD, Director



The Systems Evaluation Center
Diana Seybolt, PhD, Center Director



The Training Center
Wendy Baysmore, MSHSA, Director